Acknowledge The Good Things You Have In Christ

This is the first message among the two messages that encourages us to always acknowledge every good thing that we now have. As christians, God relates to us based on what Jesus has done for us, not based on our own righteousness. When we accepted Jesus as our Lord and saviour, we became a new creature. We have to begin to acknowledge every good thing we received during the new birth so that we can experience it. God’s blessings are in spiritual form so we need to speak them to existence.

Our focus is on God’s unconditional love that we’ve received through the grace that Jesus our saviour provided. Our pastor teaches God’s word and we can all testify that God’s word is alive and powerful (Hebrews 4:12). Listen to our weekly Sunday sermons and you will be richly bless.

We are located in Toronto, Canada so feel free to worship with us any Sunday when you are in our city. God loves you and remain blessed.